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Destination Weddings

WA & Australia

We are more than happy to travel to any destination regionally within Western Australia or interstate to officiate your marriage.

Similarly if you are living outside Australia or WA and would like to get married here, we would be honoured to be your celebrant and together, we can easily create your vows and arrange your ceremony through emails, the post and telephone calls. 

Marriage in Australia is legally recognised in most other countries and you do not need to be an Australian resident or citizen to be married here.


Please contact us for a quote based on the travel requirements for your ceremony.



If you are planning to marry overseas, you need to be aware that the laws regarding marriage vary from country to country and legal complications can arise.

Some countries will only accept Certificates of No Impediment issued by the local Australian Embassy or Consulate in the country in which the marriage is to take place


For example, In order for an Australian citizen to marry in Indonesia, it is necessary to make an application at the Embassy for a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage as well belong to a religion recognised by the Indonesian Government (Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, or Christian Catholic/Protestant).


In Fiji, Vanuatu, the Cook Islands and Malaysia, you have to arrive at least three working days before the wedding.


In Thailand, a marriage must be registered with Thai authorities to be a valid marriage under Thai law. If you do not formally register your marriage with Thai authorities you are not legally married in Thailand or Australia. A minimum of 1 week is recommended to sort out the legalities and this can only be done in Bangkok.


Mauritius requires you to lodge your paperwork at least two months before the wedding.

Rather than spending their holiday in a foriegn Government building, many people considering a destination wedding overseas choose to get legally married prior to leaving Australia by holding a simple and intimate ceremony.
We can do a full Wedding Ceremony for you, however we also offer simple 'Registry Style' Ceremonies starting from $350.00 

contact us to discuss your requirements and ideas.

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